Praktica 20- Spektiv Teleskope 60 x 70

Praktica 20- Spektiv Teleskope 60 x 70 (Camera)

Nature and animal observation at the highest stage: This powerful Spotting Scope with vario ocular with 20-60 time magnification and lateral focus wheel ensures high-contrast design through its fully coated lenses and prisms. ?Thanks to its rubber housing and integrated lens hood, the Spotting Scope is perfectly suitable for the use outside. The lens diameter of 70mm provides a lot of transparency and a sharp picture. There is even integrated a compass on the lens cap. A carrying bag, which is included in delivery, ensures a secure transportation.
The twilight factors 37-65 guarantee good viewing alternatives even in the case of bad lighting conditions. Full coated lenses and prisms allow a high-contrast view. A pin sharp picture all the way to the border area and a bright, clear lens coverage characterise this spotting scope. The use of a tripod is recommended but not a must.

An example for a twilight factor:
10x42 binoculars have a twilight factor of 20.5 (calculation: 10x42=420, the square root of that amounts to approx. 20.5). Therefore at twilight, an object can still be easily recognized at a distance of 205 meters.

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Bei diesem Spektiv handelt es sich um ein hochwertiges Einsteigermodell mit hervorragendem Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Klares, scharfes und kontrastreiches Bild. Perfekt für die Trefferkontrolle beim Sportschießen geeignet. Ein kleines Highlight ist der integrierte Kompass. Weitere Infos und Produktdetails zu diesem Spektiv finden Sie hier.